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Perfect Touch Auto Detailing prides itself on offering agricultural equipment cleaning. We have experience cleaning all types of equipment including tractors of all makes and models. It is important to maintain a clean tractor to keep it running and to get you through the rest of the season. Our prices start at $40 per hour and are subject to change based on the needs of your equipment and how dirty it is. Call us today to schedule your cleaning.

Do You Think Your Tractor Looks Sexy?

Keep your agricultural equipment working properly. We clean all types

of tractors!

  • Maintains and adds resale value

  • Prevents fires

  • Reduces the chances of rodent damage

  • You get to work in a clean cab

  • Helps identify mechanical problems

Why You Need to Clean Your Tractor

Using your agricultural equipment throughout the year means that you will need a regular cleaning to help keep your equipment working at its optimum potential. We are here to handle all of your cleaning needs no matter the type of service or equipment you have. Whether summer, winter, fall or spring—we are here

to clean.

Year-Round Agricultural Equipment Cleaning Services

No matter the time of year, we will clean your equipment.


• Clean Out Grain Tank

• Clean Windows

• Degrease And Wash

The equipment cleaning includes :

• Blow Off Outside Of Equipment

• Clean Interior Panels

• Clean Headliner

• Combines Open Drains  

Tractor-after Tractor-before Auto-chair-before Damage-truck-before Newly-painted-truck-after Truck-after Auto-chair-after Truck-before

Full Detail: Blow Off Outside Of Equipment, Clean Interior Panels, Clean Headliner, Clean Floors, Shampoo Seats, Clean Windows, Degrease And Wash, Wax Paint, Combines Open Drains And Clean Out Grain Tank


FWD Tractor: Starting At $325.00


4WD Tractor: Starting At $400.00


Sprayers: Starting At $550.00


Combines: Starting At $700.00

Now Offering Tractor and Combine Cleaning

(Other Packages Available)

Prices Are Based On A Shop Rate Of $40 Per Hour And Can Be Subject To Change Based On How Dirty Equipment Is

image-3 image-4

• Clean Floors

• Shampoo Seats

• Wax Paint